Brand guide

Project type

Branding & Graphic Design


Music & Entertainment Industry

Goals & challenges

The festival wanted to modernize and standardize their visual identity to ensure consistency in all communication and branding. The challenge was to maintain the festival’s unique character while introducing a more modern aesthetic.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for the complete redesign of the festival’s branding, including the development of new brand guidelines, logo design, and color scheme.


We created detailed brand guidelines that included provisions for proper logo usage, primary and secondary colour schemes, and typography. This ensured that the festival branding would be presented consistently across all media.


The updated visual identity was positively received by both festival organizers and audiences. The clear guidance in the brand guidelines gave festival partners and suppliers an easy reference, ensuring consistency in all festival-related materials.

How this project can inspire your next

Whether you represent a large event or a start-up, consistent branding is the key to recognizability and credibility in your market. Our work with Nostrup Festival demonstrates how you can update an existing brand without losing its essence. Contact us to see how we can help you reinvent your brand identity