Occupational health and safety course

Project type

Animated videos and SCORM files for the E-learning course on occupational health and safety


E-learning platform for professional development in the hospitality industry

Goals & challenges

The client wanted to create an engaging and informative e-learning course consisting of animated videos and learning paths in SCORM format to raise awareness about health and safety in the hospitality industry. The challenge was to communicate technical and regulatory information in an easy-to-understand and usable way.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for developing and producing a series of animated videos that would form the core of the course. Our role included storyboarding, design, animation, and sound work. Subsequently, we also created the files in which the videos are presented along with learning objectives and different quiz formats.


We created a series of animated scenarios that realistically illustrate different restaurant environments and the potential dangers. Through the use of character animation and storytelling, we managed to make the content accessible and engaging while clearly communicating the necessary safety procedures. We ensured that the information would stick by packaging the videos in SCORM files in which various quiz and test modules were designed.


The course was very well received, with a marked improvement in the students’ test scores and their ability to apply the information in practice. The client feedback emphasized how much more engaging the material was compared to traditional methods. There was also a big improvement in the accessibility of the material compared to more traditional formats for similar training.

How this project can inspire your next

Are you ready to transform the way your team learns? Let us help make your training materials just as vibrant and engaging. With ContenTribe at the helm, we can navigate complex information and create e-learning experiences that really stick. Let’s take the leap together and turn learning into something that inspires every day.