Music programme

Project type

Graphic design of festival posters


Music & Entertainment Industry

Goals & challenges

The goal was to create an eye-catching and memorable festival poster that would attract the audience and give them an understanding of the different artists that would be performing. The challenge was to incorporate the festival’s atmosphere and identity into the design while keeping it informative.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for the complete graphic design of this festival poster, from concept development to final design.


We decided on a vibrant color scheme that reflects the festival’s energy and existing branding profile. The design was kept simple but effective, with clear timings for each artist’s performance to make it easy for the audience to plan their day.


Feedback from the client was extremely positive. The poster was praised for its aesthetics and ability to effectively communicate the festival lineup.

How this project can inspire your next

This project shows how to combine informative content with strong design to create an effective communication tool. Whether you’re planning an event or promoting a product, a similar approach can help capture your target audience’s attention and give them the information they need.