Logo animation

Project type

Logo animation design


Music & Entertainment Industry

Goals & challenges

Nostrup Festival wanted to add a dynamic and engaging element with animation of their logo to use in their aftermovie, among other things. The challenge was to create an animation that was true to the spirit of the festival while reinforcing their brand identity.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for developing and implementing a 7-second animation sequence to capture the energy and branding of the festival. Our role included design, motion graphics, and post-production.


We created a vibrant and colorful animation that brought the Nostrup Festival logo to life with movement and style reflecting the festival’s creative and lively nature. The movement of the animation was designed to catch the eye and keep the viewer engaged, allowing for a smooth transition between the animation and the video in which it’ll be used.


The animation was well received by festival goers and on social media, contributing to stronger brand recognition and improving the overall experience of the aftermovie. Feedback from festival organizers pointed to increased engagement and positive reception from viewers.

How this project can inspire your next

Are you looking for unique ways to highlight your event or brand? ContenTribe can bring your logo and other parts of your brand to life with customized animations that capture your essence and tell your story. Whether it’s for social media, advertising, or an event aftermovie, let us create a solution that resonates with your audience and makes them want to be part of your tribe.