Housekeeping course with AI speaker

Project type

E-learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Presentation


Hotels and service industries

Goals & challenges

The client wanted to create an educational video series for hotel housekeeping. One of the main challenges was to make the presentation engaging and modern while avoiding the traditional obstacles of human speakers.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for all aspects of the production of this video campaign. We took responsibility for designing the video content, selecting the AI presenter, and creating b-roll footage and animations.


We decided to take an innovative approach by using an AI presenter. This allowed us to create a presentation without the pauses and errors often associated with human speakers. B-roll footage was added to give the videos more depth and context.


The final video course was well received by the customer and showed a significant increase in engagement compared to previous training materials. Client feedback has been extremely positive, especially around the modern and effective presentation style.

How this project can inspire your next

This modern and innovative approach to educational videos could be the key to increasing engagement in your own organization. Consider how using AI and creative capture methods could make your next campaign more effective and memorable.