Explainer video

Project type

Explainer Video for Social Media and Web


Web3 & NFT

Goals & challenges

The client wanted to highlight its value proposition to artists – a simple way into the digital NFT space. The challenge was to convey complex concepts like NFTs and digital art sales in an easy-to-understand way for an audience that may not be tech-savvy.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for creating a clear and visually appealing explainer video explaining the benefits of the NFT marketplace for artists. We were responsible for concept development, visual storytelling, animation, and post-production.


We developed a narrative that takes the viewer through the history of marketing evolution, from traditional media to the modern digital era, and related this to the revolutionary role of NFT. The animation was designed to be colorful and engaging, with clear messages and easy-to-understand language.


Our video helped increase understanding and interest in the customer’s offering, resulting in an increase in interest and sign-ups from artists interested in NFT. Client feedback was extremely positive, with an increase in social media engagement and a stronger presence in the digital art community.

How this project can inspire your next

Do you also want to explain your concept or product in a way that really sticks? At ContenTribe, we’re experts at communicating complex ideas through engaging explainer videos and animations. Whether you want to explain a new concept, launch a product, or simply increase your online visibility, we can help transform your vision into a dynamic visual narrative. Let us illustrate your idea and create a video that not only informs but intrigues and motivates your audience to take action. Reach out to create a connection that lasts.

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