Brand guide

Project type

Brand identity


The travel industry

Goals & challenges

The client aimed to consolidate and strengthen their brand identity to reflect a luxurious and modern travel agency with competitive prices. The challenge was to create a visual identity that appealed to travel enthusiasts while being easily recognisable and usable across different platforms and materials.

Our role

ContenTribe created a comprehensive brand guide that laid out the key elements of ParadisTur’s brand identity. This included guidelines for logo usage, typography, colour schemes and dos and don’ts for the visual representation of the brand.


We developed a detailed brand guide that included: Clear space and minimum size for the logo mark to ensure visibility and integrity. Logo variations for use on different backgrounds and applications. Colour specifications in CMYK, RGB and HEX values for the brand’s primary and secondary palettes. Typographic guidelines specifying the use of the Montserrat font in different variations. Examples of correct and incorrect logo usage to avoid misuse of the brand’s visual elements.


The brand guide has been crucial in ensuring a consistent and professional presentation of the ParadisTur brand at all customer touchpoints. This has improved brand recognition and perception and supported a stronger marketing strategy.

How this project can inspire your next

Looking to shape or refine your brand identity? With ContenTribe’s experience and expertise in brand development, we can help you create a brand guide that ensures consistency and quality in your company’s visual communication. Whether it’s for print materials, digital marketing, or product presentation, a solid brand guide is key to communicating your unique value proposition and promoting your company’s image.