Barma app promo

Project type

Promo video for app in the restaurant industry


Tech startup in the hospitality industry

Goals & challenges

The client wanted to launch their new all-in-one app for the hospitality industry with a bang. The goal was to demonstrate the app’s value for internal communication and online training in an industry that is often on the move. The challenge was to create a clear and engaging video that illustrated the app’s many features in an easy-to-understand way that would give a sense of what the app can do and make people want to explore further.

Our role

ContenTribe was responsible for developing the concept, producing, and editing a promo video that could run on social media. We were there from start to finish, from storyboard to final cut, making sure the brand’s vision came to life visually.


We designed a series of dynamic and attention-grabbing scenes that show the app’s interface in use and illustrate how it makes life easier for restaurant workers. Our focus was on clear, short messages combined with aesthetic app presentation.


The video achieved high engagement and interaction rates on social platforms, and it was well received by the target audience. Feedback from Barma indicated a significant increase in customer loyalty and interest from new potential customers.

How this project can inspire your next

Looking for innovative ways to present your product? ContenTribe can help put your product in front of your target audience with creative and compelling visual campaigns. Let’s work together to create your business’ next success story. Join the tribe and let us show the world what you have to offer.